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Webinar - Is your government missing out?

  • Community Data Brisbane Australia (map)

The task of those in the public sector is becoming harder. The public disconnect continues to rise, and good work by political figures and public servants is more often than not overshadowed by sound bite media rather than factual evidence.

It has never been harder for governments to communicate their message and stand out from the crowd.


What if you could connect all stakeholders to the budgeting process, reduce administrative work and errors, and, simultaneously, deliver improved outcomes?

What if there was a solution that was only focused on government, that was not designed to replace existing systems, that didn’t require any software installation and that could be used by anyone


At Community Data, we use to tell a story and to engage all stakeholders in four key areas:

  • Budgeting & Planning,

  • Operational Performance,

  • Community Engagement (transparency and accountability) and,

  • Open Data.

If you would like to know why over 2000 public institutions are using OpenGovto power a more accountable and transparent government, join us on our next webinar by clicking on the button below.

Wednesday, 8th of May 2019, 10:00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time.