Leverage Your Public Data to Drive Innovation and Public Value


Next-Generation Open Data built on open-source Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) makes data useful, usable and used, and taps into a huge and growing ecosystem of developers that drive innovation to help solve big problems. It enables data to be treated as infrastructure, for cross-agency federation and governance. CKAN is constantly improving open data solutions, meaning a CKAN-powered open data portal is much easier to maintain and upgrade over time, reducing costs and required technical personnel.

CKAN is a next-generation data portal platform technology used by the largest data portals in the world, including Data.gov, Data.gov.uk, and the EU’s Data Portal. CKAN enables open data portals to easily interact with one another, allowing each open data portal to build off and use the data collected on other portals. The world’s largest data portals employ CKAN precisely because of CKAN’s premier aggregation and sharing capabilities.

Your portal

The OpenGov Open Data Portal™ can be customized to meet customers’ specific needs. Uniquely, OpenGov’s solution allows internal government developers to build on the open data portal if desired. While our competitors’ proprietary portals rely on the software improvements of small internal groups of developers, OpenGov’s portals, based on the open-source platform - CKAN, enable our customers to access improvements to CKAN made both from OpenGov developers and from CKAN developing organizations around the world. And, while most open data portals facilitate basic transparency, OpenGov will help you develop interactive visualizations and dynamic dashboards of your data, so the information on your portal is more than just transparent, but useful, usable, and used.

Open Gov

Importantly, our open data portal comes with an all-inclusive package, including the storage level that you need, the level of support and customization that you desire, and ongoing maintenance as necessary. We have structured our product to be all-inclusive because we believe that our customers should be able to budget predictably without unexpected hidden costs. Moreover, we do not charge our customers by the number of datasets they post on the portal because we believe our customers should be encouraged to use the portal and to nurture a thriving open data community.